We provide Stain Proof, a permanent, clear penetrating sealer solution for Natural Stone, Tile, Brick and Concrete Surfaces with a 15 year performance warranty, Interior or Exterior.  Click here for more detailed information about Stain Proof.

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Clear Sealants:

  • A permanent, clear sealer for Stone/Tile/Brick/Concrete with a 15 yr performance warranty?
  • An easier to clean & maintain Stone or Tile surface?
  • Success in battling the mildew & staining of your Tile or Stone shower?
  • Prevention of water & oil based stains? Efflorescence? Salt attack? Penetration of dirt & mildew?
  • Cleaning, repairing & restoration of an existing Stone or Tile surface?
  • Preservation of the beauty of your Stone or Tile investment, inside or outside?

Why seal?

The reasons to seal your surface are many (natural stones, tile, brick or concrete):

  • Invisible protection against staining and damage from water, salt & oil
  • Maintain the natural look of the surface (not a shiny or wet look)
  • Stop dirt from penetrating into the grout and masonry surface
  • Much easier to clean as the dirt etc. stays on the surface
  • Keep your surface looking better longer
  • Prevent mold and mildew growth from wet areas down in the stone
  • Prevent Freeze-Thaw due to moisture penetration
  • Prevent Spalling
  • Stop water penetration problems in vertical masonry situations
  • To name a few…