Before having us come out, we recommend you take some DIY steps that very well may identify, and solve, your problem (if you have not already done so):

  • Grading around the home is sloped downhill and away; in other words, water would have to flow uphill to reach your foundation wall
  • Downspouts are piped away from the house; water exits the pipe moving downhill and away
  • Gutters are not damaged and have been cleaned and free of debris
  • Old stumps and their root systems have been completely removed from the ground and regraded to slope away from the house; remaining organic matter decays, creating conduits for water that flow downhill, under the ground, towards your foundation wall

Get these areas corrected and then wait for the next qualifying rain event, that would normally produce a leak, to determine if you still are in need of corrective waterproofing measures.  If so, we consider it a privilege to be invited to your home to evaluate and determine a solution to your basement leak issue.

Our solutions are custom and therefore are specifically designed for all types of foundations, especially the older stone, brick and block foundations so common to leak issues.

We can also recommend other Companies that provide these exterior services if you do not wish to do the work yourself.  Please call us at below.

If your exterior water control measures are not sufficient, please contact us below for a no-cost evaluation.