Humidity. Dampness. Moldy. Musty. Debris. Dirty. Critters. Remnants.  No longer does it need to be a nasty place you avoid.  There is hope and we can transform crawl spaces into a clean, dry and conditioned environment that helps improve the air quality and value of your home!  Our team takes a Craftsmanship approach as they perform a customized scope of work, specific to your situation, with an attention to detail, thoroughness and with intuitive problem solving skills to ensure that our solution will be the final one in your crawl space.  This is your Home.  We take that very seriously and with a level of care as if it was our own no matter if its a simple vapor barrier install to a complete Encapsulation.

Simple Vapor Barrier:

  1. We can install a basic 6-mil vapor barrier or upgrade to our Bilar encapsulation liner if greater effectiveness is desired or if future encapsulation is a possibility.
    • Our vapor barrier installation, no matter what liner is utilized, is always thorough and detailed, designed to last.  We will remove all trash, debris, rocks, concrete, nails etc. that can lead to wear and puncturing of the liner over time
    • We perform any necessary grading to ensure the liner is on solid, continuous ground for uniformity and being able to withstand traffic from those who need to perform work in the crawl space
    • We sufficiently overlap and staple the liner to the ground to ensure  effectiveness, maintaining integrity over time and that it will not move when there is worker traffic in the crawl space
    • As long as don’t utilize an Aerator in the crawl space, our vapor barrier installation is installed to last a long, long time

Encapsulation: Sealed Crawl Solution

  1. If you do not have any standing water/rain leaks (or after we have solved the leak issue) but are experiencing any problems with: Mold, Smells, Air Quality Issues, Humidity, Buckling Hardwoods, Allergies, then encapsulating (which is sealing off and conditioning your crawl space) is the only solution to solving all of these issues.
  2. We transform your crawl space so dramatically that once we are done, you’ll want to have lunch down there just to celebrate!  By improving the air quality in the Crawl Space, you improve the air quality of your entire home (Stack Effect) and those that live in it.  You also protect yourself from mold/mildew growth, your hardwoods from buckling because of excessive moisture in the crawl and have eliminated the musty, moldy, dampness and dirt smells.  General scope of work for sealing the crawl:
    1. Debris removal and grading is performed to ensure the tough, long lasting quality of the vapor barrier is realized
    2. Sealed – stop uncontrolled, leaky air that allows high humidity and the moisture problems that result.  High quality, extremely tough and durable Class 1 vapor barrier is utilized to seal the ground, walls and piers; other detailed stop gap measures are taken to seal penetrations, vents, holes, seams etc.
    3. Conditioned – We install a high performance, long lasting Dehumidifier to automatically control the humidity and create a clean, dry environment
    4. Optional but important: Insulation –  If you do not have existing insulation, then there is a lot of energy loss and therefore lost $, that comes from the crawl space due to uncontrolled temperatures throughout the year.  We can provide new insulation which is installed to the inside of the exterior walls of the crawl space, inside of the encapsulation, which is the most energy efficient way to insulate.  You control the temperatures at the outside of the crawl space envelope, and do not allow uncontrolled hot/cold temperatures to invade the crawl and make the first floor heating/cooling work harder…
  3. 25-year Warranty is provided with a complete Sealed Crawl Solution

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