This is common in older homes that often have a brick or stone crawl space foundation wall around the perimeter with a dug out area in the middle that allows for stairs provide access from within the home.  The dug out area either has just a bank of dirt around the perimeter of the dug out area or a ‘knee wall’ has been built to hold the dirt back and keep it from eroding.  This is often utilized as a Mechanical area; HVAC, water heaters and storage.

If attempts to control water outside have not been effective enough, then an Interior Drain Solution is required.  We have witnessed countless times where ground water has entered the dug out portion through bank of dirt/wall well below the crawl space foundation wall around the perimeter of the home.  This means that a dig up and re-waterproof of the exterior crawl space walls would not be effective in stopping this water because it is already below the bottom of the crawl space foundation wall when it enters the home.  Essentially, it’s too low for the new waterproofing and foundation drain to capture it.

As a result, a very customized Interior Drain Control Solution is required in order to permanently control the intruding water and allow you to reclaim a dry environment, protecting your Mechanicals and stored items.  Each home with this scenario is different and therefore the solution is designed specific to the needs of your problem.

We specialize in these older homes where ‘MacGyvering’ is needed to insure that you have a your water problem solved for the duration of the home.