From recently constructed Block to a 100+ yr old Brick or Stone walls, solving water problems with these types of creative, unique and variable foundation walls are our Specialty.  We bring an intuitive, ‘MacGyvering’ problem solving approach to each home that is customized and specific to the needs of your leak issue.  We provide a thorough and detailed evaluation to determine a lasting solution to the problem.  Please call to schedule a no-cost inspection.

Please refer to our DIY exterior recommendations here  to try to control the water at the surface/exterior of the home.  This is the ideal way to fix a water problem but the likelihood of effectiveness diminishes the older the home is because of a myriad of ways that water can travel below-ground and find entry into your home.  This can be explained in specific terms when we come to evaluate your water problem.

Because of the age of the foundation walls and risk of structural changes, we do not dig up old stone, brick and block walls.  A customized Interior Drain Solution is designed to control and solve your specific water issue for the duration of the home.


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