As far as basement leaks go, a poured concrete wall is the best type of foundation wall to have because it allows us to perform water-stop methods from the inside, therefore providing for the most economical solutions, yet with long-term effectiveness, compared to block, stone or brick foundations.

The above picture highlights the most common leak in a poured concrete foundation wall, which is a crack that is allowing water to penetrate through.  By performing a polyurethane, surface mounted port injection, we will stop the water and allow you to reclaim a dry basement.  A similar process is utilized for stopping water that penetrates around the sewer/water line pipes that are coming through the basement wall.

PLEASE NOTE:  An interior drain solution for a poured concrete foundation wall should be a LAST RESORT, when you have leaks coming through the wall from cracks, wall ties, honeycombs or around a sewer/water line penetration.  An interior drain is appropriate if you have under-slab water pushing up from below and weeping out along the floor or if you want to take preventative steps before you finish off your basement.  We have a great customized solution when this is the case.

We can provide a no-cost evaluation to determine how the water is penetrating and what your solution options are.  Our methods are detailed, thorough and designed to last for the duration of the home.  Certain aspects to our methods go well beyond industry standards to ensure the types of problems we fix will not have to be re-done; as we so often do behind other previous attempts that have failed to solve a particular water problem.