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Welcome to AKME Waterproofing & Sealants. We provide customized solutions specific to your leaking Basement, Deck or Crawl Space, including Crawl Space Encapsulation.  We handle all types of foundations, specializing in challenging situations with old stone, brick and block foundations in particular when customized and unique solutions are necessary.  We also provide long term clear sealants (15 year performance warranty) and enhancers for stone, tile, brick and concrete surfaces, both interior and exterior around your home.  For a full list of services, please click here.

Our focus is to serve you with excellence in customer service, attention to detail, thoroughness and customized solutions that last.  We identify the source of the water intrusion, starting with how water can be re-directed away from the foundation and to formulate corrective solutions that leave you with a dry home and peace of mind when it rains. By understanding the source, we design a customized solution that focuses only on what is needed to address the problem, so you are only paying for the services that are necessary.

Our experienced team members at AKME will install your customized, best-practice solution, giving you an assurance that your water problem will be solved for the duration of the home. We consider it a privilege to earn your trust to solve your water intrusion problems.