AKME Waterproofing & Sealants was founded by Steve Terjung in May of 2010. Along with 12+ years of experience both solving and preventing water problems, we are committed to serving you with our best foot forward, by providing customized solutions delivered with an excellence in customer service, thoroughness, honesty and effective long term solutions. We consider it a privilege to earn your trust, confidence and respect.  We take a holistic approach to evaluating your water intrusion issue or new construction waterproofing project to determine what needs to be done in order to provide you with a lasting solution.

AKME (Steve’s kid’s initials) is built on family values and the Golden Rule, treat others as you want to be treated.  One example is that often times during an evaluation of someone’s leak issue, we discover that the real solution to their problem is provided by services from other Subcontractors and therefore, there is no need for AKME.  This is the right thing to do and we do it gladly.  Honesty first.  No selling services that are not needed.  In addition, AKME takes an Ownership approach to your leak repair or new construction needs; once we put our name on the job, we ‘Own’ it and work to provide you with a lasting solution that we would use on our own home. This involves an exterior evaluation, interior inspection and an overall perspective of your situation to help determine both the cause and the most thoroughly custom designed solution to your water problem/need.

We look at intuitive ways to solve your water problem, therefore, we come up with a solution that is unique to your home. The older the home, the more this approach is needed. We particularly specialize in older stone, brick and block foundations; we love to dig into to those scenarios b/c everyone of them is different and needs a little ‘MacGyvering’.

We work to provide the best, most relevant and customized solution for your water issue.  We take each project one at a time to insure the proper attention to detail is given and that the unexpected challenges that occur, as you progress through installing a lasting solution, are addressed effectively.

In waterproofing, ‘Life lives in pinholes’, meaning that we have to pay attention to and address every potential pinhole that might provide water a way to invade your home.  With a detailed and meticulous approach to our solution methods, we help ensure that all potential ways that water could be a problem has been thought for an addressed as a part of the customized solution to your home. We look forward to working with you in helping you keep a dry home.

We also provide long-term clear sealing (15 year performance warranty) and enhancing needs for Stone-Tile-Brick-Concrete, interior or exterior.  This includes meticulous cleaning/restoration of these areas before we install our permanent sealer.

Please roam the website to learn more on how AKME Waterproofing & Sealants can work to meet your Waterproofing and Sealing needs.  Thanks for visiting!