Carbon Fiber Strapping

Permanent stabilization of your bowed or cracked Cinder Block or Poured Concrete foundation walls. And the most cost effective solution for stabilization.  We are a Certified Contractor for Fortress Stabilization, the strongest, most powerful and certified strapping on the market, to ensure your wall never moves again. They are the only ICC certified, building code approved solution (ICC-ES ESR-3815).

Please note the differences on cracking for a Cinder Block wall.  Typical signs that Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Strapping will provide the solution you need is horizontal cracking along the wall(s), often connected to step down cracks near corner areas. Vertical cracks often through the blocks themselves will often show as well.

If you have settlement (ex: step cracking only on either side of a corner only), than other structural repair solutions will be necessary.  Please contact us for recommendations to our trusted Structural Engineer and Foundation Contractors that handle tie-backs, underpinning, helical piering, mud jacking etc.

What People are saying...

“Excellent! I hired these guys to handle our crawlspace encapsulation and they not only did a fantastic job during the project, but continue to follow-up after every major rain to ensure all is well. To boot, they came back when my Dehumidifier went south and handled the return and shipment of a new one with the manufacturer. A SOLID company that is worth your consideration.”

Bayard – Atlanta, GA

“Excellent! Steve found the problem and it is repaired. With all the rain since the repair, we have had no leak. Steve is excellent and very patient to explain the ‘why’. Very conscientious and ethical–need more guys like him! We have a pesky, leaky wall in our basement. Steve repaired the initial leak almost 2 years ago and was perplexed when we called him back for a leak in what seemed to be the same area. Through his patience, we were able to find that a very old (20+ years) repair had given way to new problems.” 

Judith – Johns Creek, GA

"Couldn’t be happier. Steve and his team worked methodically to repair two significant cracks that resulted from a sewer line leak in our basement. The repairs have been in place for almost three years providing a completely sealed basement wall. His knowledge of foundations and creating and maintaining waterproof space is evident in his work.” 

Deborah – Alpharetta, GA