Basement Waterproofing

From recently constructed Poured Concrete to 100+ yr old Brick to Cinder Block to Old Stone foundation walls, solving water problems with these types of creative, unique and variable foundation walls are our Specialty.  We bring an intuitive, ‘MacGyver’ problem solving approach to each home that is customized and specific to the needs of your leak issue.  We provide a thorough and detailed evaluation to determine a lasting solution to the problem. 

You have water in your basement and you want to understand where the source of the problem is and what can be done to fix it for good, while ensuring that you are only paying for the solution you need.  We will come to your home to evaluate the exterior and interior conditions of your property, holistically, in order to determine the source of your problem and provide a custom designed solution that fits your Basement’s specific needs.  Our evaluation is focused on what is the best and most effective way to solve your water problem, once and for all.  We take a Solutions, not Systems, approach.  Who wants to see their Waterproofer more than once?

Our experienced team performs the customized scope of work with thoroughness, attention to detail and intuitive problem solving skills to ensure that our solution will be the final one, one which lasts for the duration of the home.

Since our solutions are customized to your specific leak situation, they are therefore designed for all types of foundations, especially the older stone, brick and block foundations so often found around Atlanta and North Georgia, please select the Tab that is relevant to your foundation wall.  If you don’t know what type of wall you have, please call us and we will help you walk through it as well as set up an inspection appointment.

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Interior Drain Solutions

When exterior efforts to control the water aren’t sufficient or because the economics of an exterior dig-up and re-waterproof are too high, then a best-practice, long term interior drain solution on the inside is necessary to solve your water problem. We install a customized interior drain solution that keeps the water out of your living space, forces it under the slab into a sloped and double filtered, large flow capacity French drain that carries the water to a sump pump (or in some cases a gravity daylight outside by going under the foundation). The drainage board solution on the wall is sealed so that no moisture vapor escapes into your basement airspace or behind your framed walls, yet provides a permanent, wide spread channel for water to flow to the sump pump and be directed back outside. We take a craftsmanship approach to solving your water problem to ensure that you will not deal with this issue again. This is a Solutions, not “systems”, approach that we pursue with each problem. Every basement leak and its causative issues are unique to each individual house or situation.

For example: There are many older homes that have a crawl space foundation, with a dug-out interior portion that is used as a ‘basement’ or mechanical area.  We have witnessed countless situations where the water is flowing underneath the crawl space foundation wall, through the side of the dirt and into the dug out basement area.  An exterior dig up and re-waterproof of the crawl space wall doesn’t stop the water that is deeper in the ground, flowing underneath that wall and entering the dug out area.  As a result, since the exterior work cannot address this lower elevation water (and DIY efforts to control the water at the surface have not been sufficient), you would still need to perform an interior drain solution, making the exterior cost an unnecessary sunk cost/loss of money and not effective at solving the entire problem.

What People are saying...

“Excellent! I hired these guys to handle our crawlspace encapsulation and they not only did a fantastic job during the project, but continue to follow-up after every major rain to ensure all is well. To boot, they came back when my Dehumidifier went south and handled the return and shipment of a new one with the manufacturer. A SOLID company that is worth your consideration.”

Bayard – Atlanta, GA

“Excellent! Steve found the problem and it is repaired. With all the rain since the repair, we have had no leak. Steve is excellent and very patient to explain the ‘why’. Very conscientious and ethical–need more guys like him! We have a pesky, leaky wall in our basement. Steve repaired the initial leak almost 2 years ago and was perplexed when we called him back for a leak in what seemed to be the same area. Through his patience, we were able to find that a very old (20+ years) repair had given way to new problems.” 

Judith – Johns Creek, GA

"Couldn’t be happier. Steve and his team worked methodically to repair two significant cracks that resulted from a sewer line leak in our basement. The repairs have been in place for almost three years providing a completely sealed basement wall. His knowledge of foundations and creating and maintaining waterproof space is evident in his work.” 

Deborah – Alpharetta, GA

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