BUILDERS: click here if you have a New Construction wood or concrete deck that needs Waterproofing.


We solve leaks that occur in Stone, Tile or Brick surfaced decks, whether over heated living space or a finished patio underneath.  We apply a very thorough, detailed and customized solution to fix these deck leaks and have the experience of doing so for over 12+ yrs.  We can come to evaluate the deck leak situation but ask you to first, please consider the following to determine if we are the right solution for you:

  • The reality of these deck leaks are that they are all solvable but the solutions are invasive and expensive.  There is no ‘$300’ fix for these.  In general terms, the water is finding its way through the surface veneer to a breach in the waterproofing or lack of flashing and ultimately down to the area below.  It is not possible to ‘plug the hole’ or fix the leak without having visual and physical access to the sub-floor area.  Because demolition and removal of the surface is damaging to the waterproofing membrane below it, therefore, potentially creating new leak issues, partial tear offs are extremely uncommon and as a result, the solutions involve a complete removal of the surface veneer and existing waterproofing membrane.  Then there is adjustment/repair to sub-floor conditions, address peripheral issues (deck penetrations, flashing, pitch of sub-floor etc), installation of new waterproofing and replacement of the surface veneer.  Due to the expense involved, we realize that not everyone is at a budget point to proceed with the right fix to these deck leak situations.  We spent several years trying to solve these leaks without tearing off the surface and found there is no effective solution for doing so.  As a result, we are focused on complete solutions that address the source of the problem and are, by nature of the circumstance, expensive.  Please consider this in determining if AKME Waterproofing’s solution is the right one for you at this time.  If so, we consider it a privilege to come to evaluate and solve your deck leak issue.