Polyurethane Crack Injection

At AKME Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on serving our customers needs as we would serve our own family. - with honesty and integrity. What is the real source of the leak issue and therefore what is the Right solution for your problem?

Poured Concrete Foundation walls rarely need an Interior Drain Solution, which allows the water to enter and be redirected outside. It is the only foundation where you can Stop the water from intruding, via an interior applied Polyurethane Injection. This application requires a lot less labor and materials, compared to an interior drain, and therefore is much less expensive, yet the Right Solution, because it prevents the water from entering the home. The vast majority of the time it is a leaking crack or pipe penetration.  This is the ideal, long term solution. We’ve done this on the Owner’s personal home, even when an interior drain was an option. And, he had custom oak bookshelves built in front of it b/c he knows he’ll never need to get back to that crack again. If we can keep the water out, there's no need for a drain to carry it away.

IF there is Hydrostatic Pressure, causing water to push up b/w the slab and the foundation wall, then an Interior Drain is the only solution.  Again, this is only seen a few times a year, very unlikely that this is your leak issue. But, if this is you, then we have a permanent Interior Drain solution to address this type of problem.

What People are saying...

“Excellent! I hired these guys to handle our crawlspace encapsulation and they not only did a fantastic job during the project, but continue to follow-up after every major rain to ensure all is well. To boot, they came back when my Dehumidifier went south and handled the return and shipment of a new one with the manufacturer. A SOLID company that is worth your consideration.”

Bayard – Atlanta, GA

“Excellent! Steve found the problem and it is repaired. With all the rain since the repair, we have had no leak. Steve is excellent and very patient to explain the ‘why’. Very conscientious and ethical–need more guys like him! We have a pesky, leaky wall in our basement. Steve repaired the initial leak almost 2 years ago and was perplexed when we called him back for a leak in what seemed to be the same area. Through his patience, we were able to find that a very old (20+ years) repair had given way to new problems.” 

Judith – Johns Creek, GA

"Couldn’t be happier. Steve and his team worked methodically to repair two significant cracks that resulted from a sewer line leak in our basement. The repairs have been in place for almost three years providing a completely sealed basement wall. His knowledge of foundations and creating and maintaining waterproof space is evident in his work.” 

Deborah – Alpharetta, GA