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At AKME Waterproofing, we view your water issues as if they were happening in our own home. We make the right recommendations for you, not for us. You can rest assured that we put our clients interests ahead of our own meaning you get the right advice and solution for you - even if that means the right solution requires a different contractor. Please see our 5 Star ratings on Google, Yelp and Angie’s List.

Peace. Of. Mind.  What we deliver through an honest evaluation of the nature of your problem, followed by a thorough, long lasting solution, specific to the needs of the issue. No selling what you don’t need. No fear mongering. Just honest, specific and relevant answers to solve your issue for the long term.  Because you never want to see us again 😊.



AKME Waterproofing

We provide customized solutions specific to your leaking Basement, or Crawl Space, including Crawl Space Encapsulation.  We handle all types of foundations, specializing in challenging situations with old stone, brick and block foundations in particular when customized and unique solutions are necessary.  We also provide long term clear sealants (15 year performance warranty) and enhancers for stone, tile, brick and concrete surfaces, both interior and exterior around your home.  For a full list of services, please click here.

Our focus is to serve you with excellence in customer service, attention to detail, thoroughness and customized solutions that last.  We identify the source of the water intrusion, starting with how water can be re-directed away from the foundation and to formulate corrective solutions that leave you with a dry home and peace of mind when it rains. By understanding the source, we design a customized solution that focuses only on what is needed to address the problem, so you are only paying for the services that are necessary.

Our experienced team members at AKME will install your customized, best-practice solution, giving you an assurance that your water problem will be solved for the duration of the home.

We look at intuitive ways to solve your water problem, therefore, we come up with a solution that is unique to your home. The older the home, the more this approach is needed. We particularly specialize in older stone, brick and block foundations; we love to dig into to those scenarios b/c every one of them is different and needs a little ‘MacGyvering’.

We work to provide the best, most relevant and customized solution for your water issue. We take each project one at a time to ensure the proper attention to detail is given and that the unexpected challenges that occur, as you progress through installing a lasting solution, are addressed effectively.

In waterproofing, ‘Life lives in pinholes’, meaning that we have to pay attention to and address every potential pinhole that might provide water a way to invade your home. With a detailed and meticulous approach to our solution methods, we help ensure that all potential ways that water could be a problem has been thought for an addressed as a part of the customized solution to your home. We look forward to working with you in helping you keep a dry home.

We also provide long-term clear sealing (15 year performance warranty) for Stone-Tile-Brick-Concrete, interior or exterior. This includes meticulous cleaning/restoration of these areas before we install our permanent sealer.

Please roam the website to learn more on how AKME Waterproofing & Sealants can work to meet your Waterproofing and Sealing needs. Thanks for visiting!

Steve Terjung
Founder & Owner

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AKME Waterproofing Services

At AKME Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on serving our customers needs as we would serve our own family. - with honesty and integrity. What is the real source of the leak issue and therefore what is the Right solution for your problem?

Crack Injection & Pipe Penetration Sealing

Poured Concrete Foundation walls rarely need an Interior Drain Solution, which allows the water to enter and be redirected outside. It is the only foundation where you can Stop the water from intruding, via an interior applied Polyurethane Injection. This application requires a lot less labor and materials, compared to an interior drain, and therefore is much less expensive, yet the Right Solution, because it prevents the water from entering the home. The vast majority of the time it is a leaking crack or pipe penetration.  This is the ideal, long term solution. We’ve done this on the Owner’s personal home, even when an interior drain was an option. And, he had custom oak bookshelves built in front of it bcause he knows he’ll never need to get back to that crack again. If we can keep the water out, there's no need for a drain to carry it away.

IF there is Hydrostatic Pressure, causing water to push up b/w the slab and the foundation wall, then an Interior Drain is the only solution.  Again, this is only seen a few times a year, very unlikely that this is your leak issue. But, if this is you, then we have a permanent Interior Drain solution to address this type of problem.

Carbon Fiber Strapping

Water pressure on the outside of your cinder block/poured concrete walls can cause your foundation walls to bow and crack. Carbon fiber strapping is a cost effective, yet permanent way to stabilize your walls to prevent any further movement or damage due to water and changing soil conditions.

Interior Drainage

For the majority of all Basement and Crawl Space Foundations, an Interior Drain Solution is often the only way to address the leak issues. It permanently captures, controls and redirects the water back outside, leaving you with a dry basement or crawl space. It is the only solution if you have under-slab water or hydrostatic pressure, pushing up from below or weeping directly through the walls.  Additionally, this solution represents a great form of ‘preventative insurance’ against having a possible water issue in the future, should you want to remodel or finish off your basement. We have a thorough, customized and permanent solution. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Excessive humidity. Mold. Smells. Air quality. Warping hardwoods. Dirty and Nasty. etc. These are all symptoms of a crawl space that can only be corrected through Encapsulation.  The Stack Effect, is a term that means a certain % of the air from the Crawl Space will rise to the level above (and so on to upper levels). Does your HVAC unit pull directly from the air in the Crawl space?  By Encapsulating your crawl space, you create a clean, bright and controlled environment that will both address and prevent the aforementioned issues. Additionally, it can create a dry, clean storage environment that also provides a value-add to your home, because it is a significant improvement.



Here are some frequently asked questions about our services and about us. If you don't find the answer here, then feel free to contact us via our contact form. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Honesty and integrity through all parts of the process. Detailed, thorough, permanent and lasting solutions with your best interests at the heart of it. 18+ years of experience solving issues once and for all. Value: we provide the Right solution, performed at the highest levels.  We’re not the cheap guys nor are we usually the most expensive, but priced where you get the most value for your money.

We Provide Solutions that Last: because we know you really don't want to see us again.

18+ years of experience, 12+ years as AKME Waterproofing

Before having us come out, we recommend you take some DIY steps that very well may identify, and solve, your problem (if you have not already done so):

  • Grading around the home is sloped downhill and away; in other words, water would have to flow uphill to reach your foundation wall

  • Downspouts are piped away from the house; water exits the pipe moving downhill and away (ideally smooth wall PVC piping)

  • Gutters are not damaged and have been cleaned and free of debris

  • Old stumps and their root systems have been completely removed from the ground and regraded to slope away from the house; remaining organic matter decays, creating conduits for water that flow downhill, under the ground, towards your foundation wall

Get these areas corrected and then wait for the next qualifying rain event, that would normally produce a leak, to determine if you still are in need of corrective waterproofing measures.  If so, we consider it a privilege to be invited to your home to evaluate and determine a solution to your basement leak issue.

Our solutions are custom and therefore are specifically designed for all types of foundations, especially the older stone, brick and block foundations so common to leak issues.

If your exterior water control measures are not sufficient, please contact us at (678) 252-5172 for a no-cost evaluation.

Happy Customers

What People are saying...

“Excellent! I hired these guys to handle our crawlspace encapsulation and they not only did a fantastic job during the project, but continue to follow-up after every major rain to ensure all is well. To boot, they came back when my Dehumidifier went south and handled the return and shipment of a new one with the manufacturer. A SOLID company that is worth your consideration.”

Bayard – Atlanta, GA

“Excellent! Steve found the problem and it is repaired. With all the rain since the repair, we have had no leak. Steve is excellent and very patient to explain the ‘why’. Very conscientious and ethical–need more guys like him! We have a pesky, leaky wall in our basement. Steve repaired the initial leak almost 2 years ago and was perplexed when we called him back for a leak in what seemed to be the same area. Through his patience, we were able to find that a very old (20+ years) repair had given way to new problems.” 

Judith – Johns Creek, GA

"Couldn’t be happier. Steve and his team worked methodically to repair two significant cracks that resulted from a sewer line leak in our basement. The repairs have been in place for almost three years providing a completely sealed basement wall. His knowledge of foundations and creating and maintaining waterproof space is evident in his work.” 

Deborah – Alpharetta, GA